HSE e-learning

Through Omega`s e-learning portal all team members have the opportunity to complete our basic HSE e-learning courses, and receive Advantage points.

Why E-learning?

Training via the online E-learning format allows the Omega team to:

  • Access courses online, independent of where users may be stationed in the world
  • Undertake courses at a time that is convenient to the user
  • Enter, exit and return to course work as desired
  • Access training in all subject categories, regardless of the user’s previous experience in the area
  • Earn Advantage points on course completion (employees only)

Courses and media

Current courses focus on HSE. The media by which courses will be offered will vary and may include Flash presentations, PowerPoint presentations, sound and video. We welcome suggestions regarding course subjects that may be of interest to our team.

HSE Fundamentals courses

A series of four HSE Fundamentals courses are available on the e-learning portal on Connect. These courses focus on the themes Introduction, Health, Environment, and Safety. The HSE Fundamentals courses are mandatory and we ask that all team members complete the courses as soon as possible.

About the E-Learning Portal


To access Omega's E-Learning Portal:

  • Visit the Omega Intranet at Connect
  • Choose Courses from the Advantage menu.


Having entered the E-Learning Portal you will see the list of the available courses, including the following details:

  • Available Points – Advantage points that an employee will be awarded when the course is completed and relevant tests passed (where applicable).
  • Earned Points – Points that have been awarded for course completion. This should occur immediately if progress is 100 % and relevant tests have been passed (where applicable).
  • Progress – How far you have come through the course. On re-entering the course you will start again at this point (e.g. 25 % into the course).
  • Test result – Test result achieved (where applicable), presented as a percentage. Eighty percent is generally required to pass a test, however each individual course will indicate what percentage is required in order to pass.


  • To begin a course – Simply click on the desired course when it is highlighted yellow.
  • To exit a course – Close as indicated within the individual course, generally using the standard X button.
  • To resume a course – Simply return to the elearning portal at a later time or date and click on the course. You will enter the course at the point at which you exited earlier.
  • Reviewing earlier parts of a course – To review parts of the course you have already completed, simply use the navigation available to return to your desired point in the course.

E-learning and earning Advantage points

Omega's Advantage programme is designed to reward employees for activities that support the core goals of our company. One of our core goals is certainly to build and share knowledge. Therefore, many E-learning courses are offered with Advantage points for completion.

Advantage points are awarded when the course is completed and relevant tests passed (where applicable). Advantage Points will only be awarded once for each course, independent of how many times you complete the course.