Our beautiful cabin at Hafjell has 10 beds, and is located right by the ski resort.

Booking details

  • Minimum booking
    • 2 nights
  • Maximum booking
    • 14 nights
    • 5 nights (Christmas, Norwegian winter and Easter holidays)
  • Points required per night
    • 14 000
    • 28 000 (Christmas New years and Easter holidays)
  • Check in
    • 17:00
  • Check out
    • 13:00
  • Beds
    • 10 (13)
  • Booking via My Omega 365


  • 5 bedrooms, 2 doubles (150), and 3 family bunk beds (120)
  • Duvets and pillows for 12 people
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Living room with fireplace and TV lounge
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Sauna
  • Storage room and laundry room
  • Internet

What to bring:

  • Bed linen and towels
  • Kitchen towels and washcloths


  • Pets forbidden
  • Smoking forbidden
  • Loft is not approved as a living room or bedroom
  • It is not allowed to go inside with ski shoes or other outdoor footwear, as well as high heels on the wooden floors of the cabin
  • The annex can only be used for storing tools, skis, firewood and any other sports equipment
  • Remember that check-in is after 17:00 and check-out is within 13:00. If you are leaving on a Sunday and no one is booked after you, you may stay longer than the checkout time as cleaning services arrive on weekdays.

You will find firewood in the shed.

On departure:

  • Make sure you have all your belongings and leave the cabin tidy.
  • Clean out the fridge and the cooker. Wipe down all surfaces.
  • Lower the temperature on all panel heaters and heating cables to 15 degrees.
  • The anfi-freeze heater and the floor heating in the bathroom must never be turn off.
  • Garbage mus be thrown in labeled containers located in marked area in the Hafjell Panorama cabin area.
  • Rememeber to close all windows. Lock doors and put the key back in the key box

From Oslo/Gardermoen.

  • Follow the E6 towards Hamar, Brumunddal and Lillehammer and on to Hafjell (Granrudmoen).
  • When you pass Strandtorget (Circle K) at Lillehammer, follow the E6 for about 17 km. Take off to Downtown Øyer/Scandic Hafjell/Lilleputthammer.
  • When exiting in Øyer, keep right at the first roundabout and then enter Hundervegen. Follow Hundervegen for about 950 m before turning left. You will start on a climb that takes you up 1.6 km (here you will pass Nermo Hotel). Turn right onto Sørbygdsvegen.
  • Follow Sørbygdsvegen for 7.7 km before turning left onto Gruvevegen. There will be tolls on this route, but there will be an Autopay solution so payment is made automatically.
  • Once you have taken off onto Gruvevegen, you will quickly enter Bjørgefallet and then take the first right. Turn right at junction nr. 2 and 3 on the way up to Bjørgefallet nr. 118.
  • The cabin will be at the end of the main road where there is also space to turn.
  • Directions if you do not want to drive through Øyer, but directly to the cabin: From the exit to Cirkle K on Strandtorget/Lillehammer, follow the E6 for 9 km before turning right on Fv 312. From E6 you drive about 2 km before you take off to the right on Sørbygdsvegen. Turn right after 2.8 km at the next intersection and follow the road for 5.5 km. Then you come to a sign that says Hafjell Panorma. Turn left at the sign, then quickly right and follow Bjørgefallet to No. 118 for 1.3 km

Directions from Oslo S, 211 km: https://goo.gl/maps/eRdikDmnKgjMij8g8
Directions from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, 174 km: https://goo.gl/maps/W43NwduMA1MM6d1e9


Hafjell Panorama
Bjørgefallet 118
2636 Øyer

Ski in/Ski out
5 minutter from cross-country ski trails


Driving distances:

  • Oslo - Hafjell: 180 km
  • Stavanger - Hafjell: 600 km 
  • Haugesund - Hafjell: 500 km
  • Bergen - Hafjell: 450 km
  • Kristiansand - Hafjell: 500 km

If you require assistance during your stay, please contact Omega.

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