Omega’s five-bedroom Sirdal cabin offers Omega team members and their families the chance to spend time cross-country skiing, hiking, playing golf and other outdoor activities. 

Booking details

  • Minimum booking
    • 2 nights
  • Maximum booking
    • 14 nights
    • 5 nights
      (Christmas, New Years and Easter)
  • Points required per night
    • 14 000
    • 28 000
      (Christmas, New Years and Easter)
  • Arrival & Departure
    • Check in: 16:00
    • Check out: 12:00
  • Beds
    • 13
  • Booking via


  • Five bedrooms - sleeps thirteen (5 beds 150 cm and 2 beds 90 cm)
  • Two bathrooms
  • Living room - loft living room
  • Kitchen 
  • Storage shed
  • Terrace
  • Washing machine
  • One baby high chair
  • Fireplace
  • Sauna
  • Internet
  • Firewood

NB! Smoking forbidden.

What to bring

  • Bed linen
  • Towels and kitchen towels

Remember that check-in is at 16:00 and check-out is at 12:00.
If you are leaving on a Sunday and no one is booked after you, you may stay longer than the checkout time as cleaning services arrive on weekdays.
Please clarify this with the Omega by sending an email to or call 5377 5377.


It is important that the fireplace door is opened carefully by pulling the handle straight out and sliding the door slowly to the left.


Firewood is located in bags by the front door. If you run out of firewood, more wood can be found in a storage facility close to the cabin;
When you stand outside the front foor and look towards the camping lot, you can see a garage with a cellar to your right. There is extra firewood located here. 


There is parking in front of the cabin.

Tor Sitve Vik is our snow plowing contact, contact him if you have any trouble getting to or from the cabin due to snow. Tor Sigve's phone number is +47 977 29 183 or 904 76 269. 



Langebakken 14
4443 Tjørholm

Sirdal, located in the North of Vest Agder county, is a year-round tourist destination offering a wide range of outdoor activities including golf, fishing and hiking in the warmer months, and downhill and cross country skiing during the snow season.

Nearby attractions

Getting there

Driving instructions from Stavanger:
  • When you have arrived in Sirdalen via RV45, take a left in the intersection by the grocery store Joker and follow road number Fv 975
  • Drive about 2 km past Sinnes Fjellstue and further past Sinnes school
  • Take the second exit to the right after the school which is just before Bekkestua (closed kiosk)
  • Follow the gravel road and keep left where the road divides
  • You will get a caravan camping site on both sides of the road
  • After about 300m you have reached the cabin
  • The cabin is marked with an Omega-sign

Distances from the largest cities in Southern Norway:
  • Stavanger-Sinnes: 102 km
  • Sandnes-Sinnes: 88 km
  • Kristiansand-Tonstad: 144 km
  • Kristiansand-Sinnes: 179 km
  • Arendal-Tonstad: 185 km
  • Egersund-Tonstad: 55 km
  • Flekkfjord-Tonstad: 60 km
  • Oslo-Sinnes: 352 km
  • Bergen-Sinnes: 312 km
  • Tonstad-Sinnes: 40 km


The Sirdalsruta (in Norwegian) bus service, to and from Sirdal, is operated by Tide during the ski season.

On departure:

  • Water: Please shut off the water supply using the OFF switch when leaving the cabin.
  • Cleaning: Washing and cleaning is done by our own cleaner between stays. We ask that the cabin is left tidy after use and that you throw out the garbage. The garbage container is located approximately 100 meters before the Joker grocery store. You can also dispose of bottles here.

    Empty the refrigerator and freezer in the apartment, but leave the plug in the outlet on departure. Please clean the stove and other surfaces in the kitchen

  • Heating: Heating cables must remained turned on, at minimum 15 degrees.

    All inside lighting must be turned off, all outside lights must be turned on.

  • Close and lock all windows and doors.

If you require assistance during your stay, please contact the Omega on 5377  5377 or 9828 6931

Feedback assists us in improving our Advantage accommodation. Please provide feedback on defects, flaws, or damage.

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