One of Omega's accommodation offers is located in Vrådal, Telemark (Norway) where you will find a number of activities both summer and winter.

Booking details

  • Minimum booking
    • 2 nights
  • Maximum booking
    • 14 nights
    • 5 nights (Christmas, winter and Easter holidays)
  • Points required per night
    • 12 000
    • 24 000 (Christmas, winter and Easter holidays)
  • Arrival & Departure
    • Check in: 17:00
    • Check out: 14:00
  • Beds
    • 10
  • Booking via


  • 140 m² over two floors
  • Four bedrooms with two beds per room (four beds in main bedroom upstairs)
  • Two bathrooms
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Large living room
  • No internet

NB! Pets not allowed, smoking forbidden.


  • Stove
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Rotating, wood-burning stove
  • TV with satellite
  • Parking space
  • Canoe
  • Fire pan outside

What to bring:

  • Bed linens
  • Towels and kitchen towels
  • Life vests for children

We recommend that you read the information booklet in the cabin on arrival.


Washing and cleaning is done by our own cleaners between stays. We therefore ask that you leave the cabin tidy, and that you dispose of garbage on departure.


Address: Vråvegen, Skrebekk hyttegrend, Vrådal, Kviteseid.

Vrådal is located in Kviteseid municipality in the western part of Telemark. The cabin is located approximately 12 kilometers south of Kviteseid.

Driving directions

  • Coming from east or west follow E-134 to Telemark, and turn off at Brukeberg. 
  • Drive towards Kviteseid/Vrådal From Kristiansand, follow highway 41 to Brunkeberg 
  • Follow the signs to Vrådal In Vrådal center, follow the signs to Panorama Skisenter 
  • Immediately after driving over the waterlock, turn right 
  • Drive 5.4 km (when there is no snow on the road and you can see the road surface, drive 100 meters past where the asphalt ends). 
  • Drive slowly, and start looking to your right. 
  • Turn right where you see the wooden hand-made sign (hanging in a tree) Skrebekk Hyttegrend 
  • Drive all the way down to the bottom of the road, turn left, and take the first right

On departure:

  • Leave the cabin clean and tidy.
  • Dispose of garbage (instructions for garbage disposal below).
  • Rotate the numbers on the key box to a random combination after you have replaced the keys to prevent the box from being opened by unauthorized persons
  • Please leave the  floor heating thermometer to 2 on departure all year long
  • Refill the basket by the fireplace with firewood.
  • Remember to lock the doors, and check that all the windows are closed properly!


You will find a container on your way to Vrådal from the cabin. After you have passed over a water lock, you will see a container on your right-hand side (before you turn onto the main road), where you can dispose of the waste.


  • From Oslo: 200 km
  • From Sandefjord: 145 km
  • From Skien/Porsgrunn: 100 km
  • From Kristiansand: 145 km
  • From Stavanger: 340 km
  • From Bergen: 370 km


Vrådal offers a number of exciting activities during both summer and winter. 


  • Sandy beach and smooth rocks at Vråvatn lake (40 meters from the cabin)
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Cable car from Vrådal Panorama Ski Centre (Wednesday and Saturday from mid-July to mid-August)
  • Marked trails for cycling and hiking
  • Options for fishing (you can buy fishing cards from Vrådal fiskelag to use in the upper part of lake Nisser and several lakes in the mountains)
  • Horseback riding
  • Golf
  • Trips on the lakes (Vråvatn and Nisser) with the veteran boat M/S Fram
  • Swimming pool at Quality Straand Hotel in Vrådal (open to the public)
  • Berry picking during late summer/early fall


  • Vrådal Panorama Ski Center (located 5,5 km from the cabin)
  • Cross-country skiing, ski school and ski shop at the ski center
  • Horseback riding and sleigh rides at Quality Straand Hotel
  • Swimming pool at Quality Straand Hotel in Vrådal

Suggestions for day trips


You may use the canoe which is located by the water. There are two life vests for adults, and paddle oars, in the outside shed. Key to the padlock on the canoe is in the top drawer of the chest in the entry hall, key has a thermometer attached.


There is parking space for one car right next to the cabin during summer. Approximately ten meters from the cabin you will find parking spaces for several cars, that can be used both summer and winter.

If you require assistance during your stay, please contact the Omega. 

Feedback assists us in improving our Advantage accommodation. Please provide feedback on defects, flaws, or damage

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