Zero tolerance for alcohol on assignment

Published: 20.08.2013

Be aware of the consequences of drinking alcohol the day prior to offshore or onshore assignments. If a control shows an elevated blood alcohol level, the consequences can be much more severe than expulsion or a postponed trip offshore.

It’s the night before leaving offshore. Two weeks on a platform awaits and you enjoy the evening with dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. Maybe a beer. The following morning you have to stay behind as the helicopter leaves offshore.

If you are caught with alcohol in your system you will be refused entry offshore. On land, suspicion of alcohol use can be enough to expel you from the plant, and that is only the beginning of a process you would rather be without.


We are giving you this reminder now, as there have been several of these controls prior to offshore assignments lately. We cannot stress this enough: Our clients test our consultants for alcohol, and zero tolerance is enforced both for offshore and onshore personnel.

Breaking the alcohol regulations provides the basis for:

  • Termination of the assignment
  • A record that may affect future assignments

“It is vital that you do not underestimate the consumption of alcohol the night prior to an assignment, as the consequences are critical. Remember that small amounts of alcohol may cause problems the following day if you are stopped in a control. To be on the safe side, drop the drinking the night before work and you will be sure that a test will not have consequences for you, your career, your team or your employer,” Stava encourages.