Omega’s emergency plan is primarily designed to protect Omega’s employees and their Next of Kin. Followed correctly, these procedures and contact details will assist in avoiding damage to Omega’s people, property and the environment. 

If accidents occur, our emergency response organisation will do its outmost to reduce injury and loss. Saving life is our highest priority.

Emergency phone

You can call Omega's emergency telephone 24 hours a day. Phone number: (+47) 9828 6958

Points of contact

If an emergency situation arises, the following people should be informed in the order indicated:

1. Karina Hovden Stava
Emergency team leader
(+47) 982 86 687

2. Arne Gunnar Habbestad
Business Unit Manager
(+47) 982 86 808

3. Anders Lunde
GM Omega CS
(+47) 412 30 251

4. Petter Aalvik
(+47) 982 86 827

Further Contact Information.

Employees on location

If an emergency situation arises whilst employees are working at a client’s location, the client’s emergency plans and fire instructions shall be followed. Our employees are responsible for committing themselves to the relevant client’s plans and instructions.


Omega’s Department Managers are responsible for keeping our database updated with our employees current work locations. This list, found on Omega’s intranet, will be used to identify those employees that work or reside in the vicinity should an emergency occur. It is important that Omega employees assist their Department Managers by ensuring that their personal information and contact details are up to date on the Omega intranet at all times.

Next of Kin

If an incident or accident arises, Omega is responsible for notifying and keeping informed Next of Kin for employees involved.


If required, the Client will handle rescue and evacuation of personnel from site. Omega will handle normalisation and follow up of own personnel and their Next of Kin. Should the employee or their Next of Kin need further assistance, Omega will provide service together with local resources and authorities (Sjømannskirken/Norwegian Church Abroad and relevant Embassies or Consulates) 

Roles and responsibilities

Emergency team

  • Ensuring emergency procedures are followed accurately and thoroughly
  • Assessing whether to contact external parties – media, police, HSE officials etc
  • Managing all information provided to external parties (every enquiry must be referred to the Managing Director)
    • Media enquiries (others must not give information to the media without the instruction of the Managing Director)
  • Fire protection
    • Ensuring fire safety is a part of the daily work routine
    • Providing conditions that motivate fire-protective work activities

Department Managers

  • Locating employees during an emergency situation
  • Contacting the next of kin if necessary
  • Delegating tasks to other employees

Safety Delegate

  • Maintaining fire prevention measures (see below)

Service Centre

  • Ensuring the contact details for each employee’s next of kin are available


  • Maintaining their own work space
  • Ensuring work takes place under safe/fire-resistant conditions
  • Following rules and directions quickly and accurately
  • Keeping their personal and contact details up to date

Fire Protection

Preventative measures

  • Annual fire drill
  • Appropriate signage highlighting emergency exits, extinguishers, fire alarms etc
  • Preventative rounds – performed by Safety Delegate
  • Upkeep and repair of fire equipment – performed by Safety Delegate

When fire is detected

If a fire breaks out, Business Unit Managers will immediately delegate tasks to various employees and oversee the implementation of the emergency plan.

Independent of this direction, employees are (if safe to do so) required to immediately:

  1. Report the fire
  2. Save people in danger
  3. Organise the evacuation
  4. Begin extinguishing the fire
  5. Restrict the size of the fire by closing doors and windows
  6. Secure data, documents and items that may be damaged by the fire or extinguishing activities

Employees on location

Employees working at a client’s location are obliged to follow the relevant client’s fire instructions.

Incidents, injuries and near-misses


Occurrences that have caused personal injury, sickness and/or loss of life, damage to environment or a third party.


Occurences that result in personal injury (including absentee injury) and/or first-aid injury.

Near misses

Occurrences that have not caused injury to people, property or the environment, but easily could have done.

Taking action and reporting

Injuries, incidents and near misses should be reported to Omega Management using Pims 365. If the injury or incident is so serious that it represents an emergency situation, contact Omega’s emergency contact points as listed above. 

The report should at least include:

  • Short description of occurrence
  • Date the occurrence took place
  • Who reported the occurence

In addition, it should include:

  • Suggested corrective action
  • The reason that the injury/incident/near miss occurred
  • Additional descriptions or accounts of the occurrence

Report via Pims 365

Non-conformances, accidents and incidents can be reported using Pims 365.

You can report a case via the menu in the top left corner on . Here you will get the following options:

  • Report a Non-Conformance: If something has happened that we should document and learn from, please tell us.
  • Report an Accident/Unwanted Incident or an Unsafe working condition: If a situation is not covered by the client’s own Incidents Reporting system, please register information about the incident, the date and preferably if an effort has been made to correct the situation

Published: 05.10.05 (Updated: 21.03.19)