Omega’s HSE policy is to eradicate all work-related sickness and injury. Injuries do not just happen, they are caused. When the cause is controlled, the damage can be prevented. We are dedicated to achieving:

  • No incidents/accidents
  • No personal injury
  • No damage to the environment

Omega’s goals will be achieved and sustained through HSE routines, including:

  • Creating a sense of well-being and job satisfaction among employees
  • Promoting employees’ intellectual and social development (including subject-related development within their field)
  • Preventing work-related accidents and losses (physical or otherwise)
  • Seeking out and eliminating poor working conditions

Laws and Regulations

Omega is subject to numerous laws, regulations and rules that all employees are obliged to abide by. Laws and regulations fall under categories such as:

  • worker protection
  • work environment
  • environmental protection
  • fire and explosion prevention and protection
  • safety representatives and procedures
  • HSE training
  • work-related stress injuries

All relevant laws, regulations and rules are available for inspection in Administration.

Roles and Responsibilities

HSE is primarily a management responsibility at Omega. The responsibilities of various members of Omega’s HSE team (including employees) are outlined below.

Managing Director

  • ensures work is planned and executed in accordance with internal procedures and external laws and regulations
  • plans and evaluates HSE
  • controls reporting of serious workplace incidents
  • ensures Business Unit Managers are adequately trained in HSE

Business Unit Managers

  • assist in planning and evaluation of HSE
  • manage and document HSE in their Business Unit
  • ensure appropriate HSE training and equipment in their Business Unit
  • motivate employees to achieve Omega’s HSE goals

Safety Delegate

  • represents employees’ interests in regard to HSE and the work environment
  • inspects and controls functions to ensure laws and regulations are followed
  • ensures operational equipment, protective equipment, training practices, communication and reporting functions are thorough and correct in order to maintain safe working conditions
  • Warns employees of potential dangers to health

The Safety Delegate has the right to stop dangerous work that in his/her opinion represents an immediate danger to life and/or health. There are currently two Safety Delegates in Omega, and one of these operates as Lead Safety Delegate. The Lead Safety Delegate is responsible for coordinating the Safety Delegates’ activity.

AMU (Work environment committee)

  • arranges and guides HSE inspections
  • works to achieve an appropriate working environment
  • handles questions concerning health services, work safety, workplace training, upkeep of internal HSE work, working hours and other issues affecting the work environment
  • analyses HSE reports and ensures appropriate action is taken
  • assists in the polling of Safety Delegates
  • sets direction for HSE training of new employees and ensures training requirements are fulfilled
  • creates yearly reports to for internal and external presentation

The AMU holds an independent position in Omega, located directly under the Managing Director. If the employer does not carry out their HSE obligations, the AMU will take the issue to the Labour Inspection Agency.


Ensure all aspects of work are performed in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner in keeping with the rules and procedures in place. All employees are encouraged to contribute to improve HSE at Omega.

HSE Strategies

Education and training

In order to achieve our primary goal of no injuries, Omega focuses on risk control, accident prevention and training. Omega’s HSE training initiatives include:

  • interactive HSE courses for new employees (as used for offshore personnel)
  • HSE policy and practice at Omega
  • general HSE requirements at Omega
  • emergency plan at Omega
  • annual employee discussions with Business Unit Managers
  • regular HSE e-mail and intranet updates

In regard to employees on assignment, it is made clear to clients that the following assignment-based training is also required:

  • foundations of industrial HSE
  • the client’s HSE policy and practice
  • specific dangers connected to the assignment
  • correct use of personal safety equipment
  • emergency plan

Each employee’s HSE training is documented in Omega’s databases.

Risk evaluation

The main HSE risks to Omega employees include:


Fire has the potential to affect a large number of people, however there are currently no more then 100 people in the largest Omega office at any time (including visitors), limiting potential damage to personnel.

Travel incidents/accidents

Travel accidents are unlikely to affect many Omega employees at the same time. Our follow-up program, based on publicly organised emergency readiness (VAF), will have adequate capacity to assist the injured and their families.

Work accidents – clients’ locations

A large number of Omega’s employees work at clients’ locations. These locations have a much greater risk of work accidents, terrorist attacks and serious accidents taking place.

If such situations occur, Omega will ensure that its internal emergency group becomes operative as soon as possible and that those affected receive at least the same attention they would if they worked in-house. Omega’s assistance will take place regardless of the client’s actions.

Omega has an overview of where all employees’ work locations are at any time.

Stress injuries

Work accidents that take place in the Omega office are likely to mirror those that may occur at home, as the office contains mostly basic office equipment. Therefore, the likelihood of serious work accidents is relatively small.

However, employees should be aware that stress injuries caused by incorrect posture, lifting practices and use of equipment can cause serious long term damage.

Workplace health and wellbeing

Inclusive workplace (IA) goals

Omega is an inclusive workplace that aims to:

  • reduce sick leave to below 2%
  • provide assistance so that as few people as possible rely on social support
  • increase the general pension age

As an inclusive workplace, Omega encourages employees on sick leave to join the workforce at an early stage with an adjusted workload. Additional staff may be hired to assist the returning employee. Through this action, the pace at which employees recover and return to work can be improved.

Preventative efforts

Omega believes that absence due to sickness can be reduced, and injuries avoided, if employees keep in shape and maintain a healthy work environment. Employees are encouraged to improve their health and wellbeing via a number of initiatives, including:

  • support of work environment
  • provision of the Exercise Log and incentives
  • discounts/reimbursements on sporting memberships and equipment
  • organisation of active events, tours and sporting competitions
  • promotion of e-trim to prevent computer related injuries

Personal safety equipment

Employees working on Omega’s premises generally do not require special safety equipment. However, if employees are on assignment at a client’s location, they must fulfill the client’s requirements in regard to personal safety equipment. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that their personal safety equipment is in good condition and is used correctly.

Emergency plan

Omega’s emergency plan is designed to protect Omega’s employees. A summary of the plan is available on Omega’s intranet and the full plan is held in Administration. The plan highlights emergency contact people and procedures that, followed correctly, will assist in avoiding damage to Omega’s people, property and the environment.

HSE inspections

HSE inspections are performed annually by the Safety Delegate for the relevant safety area and the AMU. The inspections ensure that Omega’s routines and procedures are as described and required by law, whilst also contributing to the improvement of internal control routines. Following the inspection, a HSE meeting is held to identify pressing issues and a report detailing these issues is sent to the management meeting so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Working hours

Whenever possible, overtime will be voluntary and overtime hours registered in the “Time Sheet” application, along with ordinary hours. Employees are free to take time off in lieu or add a 50 per cent loading to their pay for hours over and above their ordinary work times.

Administration and Business Unit Leaders are responsible for ensuring that total overtime hours do not surpass the total allowed for each assignment. Monthly reports containing the number of overtime hours for every employee are available for discussion at the management meeting.

Environmental protection

Omega maintains an environmentally friendly workplace by:

  • not using products that are damaging to the environment
  • sorting paper and cardboard for recycling
  • arranging the reuse of electronic equipment where appropriate

Potentially dangerous substances

Chemicals for the printers and other equipment will be stored in a secure place. Chemicals should only be handled by the person/people appointed by the manager of the operation and training will be provided.

Published: 16.09.05 (Updated: 25.09.12)