Improve HSE in Omega

Do you have suggestions that can help improve Omega’s Health, Safety and Environment? We have launched Improve HSE - a direct channel allowing you to contribute suggestions for HSE improvements in Omega. Your approved HSE suggestions will be awarded Advantage points.

How do you use Improve HSE?

  • Log on to
  • Find Improve on the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  • In the Improve HSE window you can submit your suggestion
  • If you would like to describe your suggestion via an attachment (photo, screenshot, file etc. ) upload this by clicking Add Files
  • Your HSE Improve will go directly to the responsible person in Omega
  • You will be able to follow the progress of your HSE Improve via Connect
  • You may be asked for more information or input on the subject before it is completed

"We have colleagues in offices and locations all over the world, who have important HSE experience from their own workplaces. This knowledge is important as we develop our HSE guidelines further. Therefore, we would like more contributions from our team to stregthen our health, safety and environment,” says QA Manager in Omega, Karina Hovden Stava.

Omega has now launched Improve HSE, making it easier for team members to help us strengthen our HSE culture. This funtionality can be found in Improve. Every approved HSE Improve, will be awarded 1000 Advantage points.

Always room for improvement

"HSE is always first on the agenda in Omega. With 1000 employees working at a various locations, we must always aspire to improve; this is why feedback and input from our consultants is so valuable to us," says Omega CEO, Petter Aalvik.

Improve HSE makes it possible for Omega to actively use team members' experience and expertise to strengthen the company's knowledge base in this area. Even though our consultants look at their project workplace as their day-to-day HSE environment, their expertise in health, environment and safety in the oil and energy industry is invaluable to us.

"Our HSE goals and zero-tolerance philosophy are key values, and are clearly defined in our guidelines. Improve HSE allows your suggestions and experiences to result in specific measures. So, even when you are on assignment at a client’s location, Improve HSE will be accessible to you, as an open channel to Omega," Aalvik points out.

Reach us directly

Stava emphasizes that even though many of today’s requirements are met by our clients' HSE efforts, we will always have health, safety and environment as a top priority for our team.

"That is why it is essential that our colleagues tell us what can be improved: this can be anything from general HSE measures, to tips to improve their environment and everyday leisure time. Everything can be reported through Improve HSE", Stava says.

Along with Omega's Improve Coordinator, Karl Berge, Stava will ensure that all HSE Improves are followed up and completed by the right person in Omega.

This year alone, Berge has received more than 5000 issues and suggestions through Improve. Improve has become an important communications channel for our team members, he says.

"HSE suggestions must follow the shortest possible route to revision and follow up. Improve offers this, ensuring that each issue is channeled to the responsible person in Omega, and guaranteed close consideration. Another great aspect of Improve is the fact that the person that makes the suggestion receives feedback throughout the entire process until it is completed," Berge says.

Think health at work

Aalvik reminds us that statistics show that work and good health are closely connected.

"Can you improve your health by working? Many have this experience, but there are also those who don’t. Still, I believe many agree with me that work, and a good working environment, combined with good health strengthens your quality of life. This is our goal, and thankfully when it comes to quality of life, there is always room for improvement," Aalvik says.

Published: 25.09.12