Lucca Teambuilding

Teambuilding to Lucca

Beautiful Lucca welcomed us with warm weather, tasty dishes and cultural experiences! 

The participants at the teambuilding got the opportunity to experience Lucca via a cultural city walk, good restaurants and a tour by bike to the olive garden, Villa Baldaccini. During the weekend the participants also had ample time to explore the city on their own.  



Friday, May 25

08:00 Departure from Copenhagen
10:00 Arrival Bologna. Bus from Bologna to Lucca.
13:00 Arrival at the hotel.
13:00 Lunch walk. The lunch will be a cultural city walk where we will get served a meal by eating snacks at different locations. 
19:30 Welcome gathering at the hotel. 
20:00 We will walk from the hotel to the restaurant of the evening.
20:30 Pizza at Restaurant Il Tabarro.

Saturday, May 26

Breakfast at the hotel. 
12:00 Bicycle trip to the olive farm Villa Baldaccini. 
14:00 Arrival at the olive farm for lunch. The villa is owned by Renzo Baldaccini, who produces one of Italy's best and most famous olive oils. 
17:00 Transportation by bus back to the hotel.
20:15 We will walk from the hotel to the restaurant of the evening. 
20:30 Dinner at Ristorante All`Olivo.

Sunday, May 27

Breakfast at the hotel. 
12:00 Check-out from the rooms. Luggage is stored at the hotel. The day at free disposal. 
16:00 Transportation to the airport.  
20:05 Departure Bologna.
Connecting flights to other cities.