Sunnhordland marathon

The marathon took place at Stord and sporty Omega employees stood ready at the start line.  

Team Event: Sunnhordland marathon

  • May 5 , 2018 
  • 7 participants from Omega
  • More information about the marathon at Facebook

Omega employees ran the Sunnhordland marathon on Stord together with 758 other participants.  On the marathon it was possible to complete three different distances; 10 km, half marathon (21 km), and marathon (42 km). The 10 km trail started in Borggata in Leirvik city center and took the participants around Ådlandsvatnet and back. The trail for the half marathon followed the 10 km-route, and continued to Landåsen before returning to Borggata. The marathon route was running the half marathon route twice. 

Well done!

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