HSE: See and be seen

Fall has arrived in Norway and, for Omega’s many employees in the Far North, the nights are getting darker and visibility on the roads is becoming more challenging.


Investing in hatcheries

Omega Areal contributes to the construction of a new hatchery in Vågafossen.


Holiday houses opening for booking

Two new cabin in Geilo and Oppdal are available for booking from 15. October. In addition, we extend Hovden Lykkestaden and Hemsedal for a new season.


Meet Omega Design's newest designer

A new designer has joined our ever-expanding Omega Design team. Meet Linn-Henny Andersen and learn how she will be contributing to the design and communication Omega Design’s clients.


New building assignment in Harstad for Omega Areal

Harstad municipality is in the process of building a modern office building, which will include parking, in the downtown Harstad. Omega Areal is responsible for consulting within engineering construction on the project.


Spotlight: Erik Skagen Vindenes

Erik Skagen Vindenes combines his job in Omega with studies in informatics. Recently, his study efforts resulted in top grades for an assignment regarding user experiences in Omega 365 Workflow system.


New System Coordinator for Omega 365

Rune Halbrend is the new System Coordinator for Omega 365, Omega’s internal operations system.


Spotlight: Hildegunn Solvang

Hildegunn Solvang was a key employee in welcoming Omega employees back to the office following the first stage of the corona crisis. After 25 years in the company, she will soon embark on a new life as a retiree.


Omega Areal acquires architectural firm in Bergen

Omega Areal acquires Bergen Arkitektkontor and strengthens its presence in the Bergen region.


Spotlight: Anouk-Letizia Firle

Celebrating Norwegian integration one “national costume” Friday at a time.


Pims R4 and Appframe Fridays

Join our online events every Friday as we hear presentations from our Pims and Appframe teams.


Lunching and learning online

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many of us to adapt our daily business routines. For Omega’s office in Calgary this has meant turning to a digital forum for their popular “lunch and learn” gatherings, which are now presented as webinars.


Omega Areal’s “Aksen” reconstruction soon complete

The reconstruction of “Aksen” in Husnes’ city center is soon complete and Omega Areal has been responsible for the engineering and architectural work involved in the process.


Welcome back to Omega’s Norwegian offices

All around Norway, we are gladly welcoming our team members back to their offices. Norway is mobilizing again, and Omega has measures in place to ensure that we can return safely to work.


Omega Design expands into app development and film production

Omega Design has expanded its team and strengthened its expertise within film production and app development.


Canteen reopens in Ølensvåg

Team members in Ølensvåg, hungry for a taste of the lunch life they were used to before COVID-19, lined up patiently at a safe social distance when the canteen opened again this week.


An unparalleled year

2019 marked a record year for Omega, whereby the organization performed well in Norway and around the world. Omega has steadily adjusted to new market segments in the face of fluctuations in oil prices and challenges in various markets.


Thank you for your efforts

The COVID-19 situation has presented Omega and many of our team members with formidable challenges. Our business continuity plan is in place and we are constantly surveying operations worldwide. We are in close contact with our employees, consultants, and clients – sharing experience and addressing issues as best we can.


Presenting new mobile app

A dedicated mobile app team in Omega has been working on developing a new app for entering workhours in the new system Omega 365. The timesheet app is now ready for download and use.


Information about Office 365

We want to make you aware that our last change to increase security with turning on two-factor authentication on your Omega account for Office365 had some unpredicted consequences.


Spring team events cancelled

In connection with the outbreak of the corona virus, the scheduled Advantage team events for March, April and May are cancelled.


Taking a byte of Pims

One of Omega's newest employees is actually a trained doctor but is now working as a system developer at Omega's new department in Stjørdal.


Holiday houses opening for booking

Our Norwegian cabins and holiday houses on Hovden, Vågslid, Hafjell, Marvik and Bømlo are now opening for a new season.


Keeping track of issues

Omega’s subsidiary company in Lithuania Omega Technology UAB is one of the earliest adopters of the highly anticipated Omega 365 Issue Tracker.


A gift that saves lives

Omega has a tradition of giving a Christmas donation to charity and this year is no different. This year the Christmas donation from Omega is 400.000 NOK to Doctors Without Borders.


Playing the field of opportunity

Liam Heywood, from Newcastle, England left home to study in the United States. Now he is working at Omega in Ølen, and it was not that unlikely a turn of events.


Introducing Omega 365

This week Omega’s newest system upgrade, Omega 365 will be launched. The system ensures better flow and functions for Omega’s operational tools.


HMSREG established in Copenhagen

Copenhagen municipality has a large focus on combating social dumping. They have now implemented Omega’s cloud-based system, HMSREG, to ensure better control on construction sites.


Omega celebrates opening of Johan Sverdrup field

In October, the giant oil field Johan Sverdrup went on stream, two months ahead of schedule. Friday November 1st partners and suppliers, including Omega, will celebrate the opening together with Equinor.


HENT goes for HMSREG system

The nordic contractor company implements the information system HMSREG on their projects in Norway.


Programming all summer

This summer eleven summer interns are working in Omega’s systems department at HQ in Ølensvåg. Here they get to try their hand on different tasks related to the project support tool, Pims 365.


Omega named company of the year at local conference

Omega was voted company of the year on the local business conference, NæringsGIV, in Etne and Vindafjord where the company's headquarters are located. Omega was awarded the NæringsGIV prize for a successful turnaround during the oil crisis and success the past years.


Get to know some of our newest team members

Omega is always looking to add skilled and solution-oriented developers. Get to know a selection of our newest employees in Omega’s systems department. We continue to work to find the best solutions, and we therefore need more employees with the varied backgrounds as our newest employees have. They dare to think new and innovative.


New branch manager in France

Jean-Francois Caron is employed as general manager at Omega’s branch office in France.


The Cycle to Work campaign 2019!

From 23 April to 21 June, you can register the days you cycle or walk to or from work and when you have registered ten days or more, you will start to receive Advantage points.


Developing project portfolio system

Omega is developing a project portfolio reporting system for OMV, which will provide a better overview and control over different projects. The development project, CaPDat, also gives new employees in Omega exciting challenges.


Steen Andersen becomes new HMSREG manager

Kathrine Steen Andersen is employed as project manager for HMSREG. She brings with her valuable experience from the client perspective as previous manager of implementation of the HMSREG system in Oslo municipality.


Omega at the AACE Symposium

Take a look at the interview with Vice President for Enterprise systems in Omega Prosject Solutions, Shane Butt at the AACE symposium in Boston in 2018.


Record-high results with HSE campaign

Omega consultant and HSEQ Manager in DEA’s Dvalin Development Project, Jan Leskovsky, has been at the forefront of a HSE campaign that has reduced the amount of falling objects in the development of the gas field, Dvalin.


Going international

Johan Bengtsson is fascinated by the pharma industry, which he thinks will grow big in the future. He dreams of working in large international projects when his time as consultant in Copenhagen is over.


Taking up the fight against work-related crime

Rogaland County Council wishes to combat work-related crime and takes Omega’s IT system HMSREG in use.


Preparing for onshore deliveries

Omega’s subsidiary company, Omega Subsea, has experienced an increase in delivery of offshore personnel in 2017 and 2018. Now the company is preparing for expanding the deliveries within onshore subsea personnel. .


Meet Omega in Stavanger

Omega's IT center is holding a recruiting event with speed interviews on November 7 at Omega’s offices in Stavanger.


3D construction control

Omega’s new module for 3D viewing buildings is now launched and has been taken in use by clients such as Statsbygg via the project management tool, Pims365.


Motivated by project-based work

Kjetil Hantveit compares consultant life to that of a paratrooper and is excited by new challenges. He is now on assignment as Modification Manager at Technology Center Mongstad.


Holiday houses opening for booking

Our Norwegian cabins and holiday houses in Sirdalen, Hemsedal, and Hovden are now opening for a new season.


Filter Design & Communication changes name to Omega Design

The new name came into effect on Monday September 3 and Omega Design will continue their business under the new name and Omega profile.


Quickly adapting

Arild Håland (66) emphasizes that the will and ability to adapt to change is important in order to succeed in any job. His own experience is that he thrives with busy work days in his current position as Quality Manager on several projects for Sporveien AS.


Akan in Omega

For those who become concerned that a colleague is struggling with substance abuse or a gambling addiction, it can be very difficult to know how to help. “Our employees should know that Omega, as an Akan company, can provide advice and counseling in these difficult situations,” says Kjersti Reiersen, our Akan contact.


Over 1100 and still counting

By the end of June, Omega had an all-time high of employees across the concern. In total 1140 employees are now on assignment for Omega’s companies in Norway and abroad. The biggest increase in employees has been with Omega’s subsea company.


HSE at work and at home

Omega-consultant Erik Westerlund (50) is passionate about the HSE field and emphasizes that having conversations with employees in their everyday setting is crucial for a good working environment.


HMSREG a part of creating new standard for the sector

Omega’s HMSREG system will now be implemented on projects at Skanska, Veidekke and in several sub companies in AF Gruppen. Now, the three leading contractor companies in Norway will work with Omega to optimize the system for use by contractors.


Important step for privacy regulations

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon be in effect for the EU and the EEA countries, and will bring with it an increased focus on the individuals' rights. «It is positive that companies now get to do a general clean up on storing and usage of personal data.»


Seeking innovative solutions

Lidiia Obolonska (32) likes it best when she has control over numbers and projects. She gets the same feeling when she masters a new trick as a figure skater.


Focusing on projects

Omega-veteran and consultant, Richard Adams (47) finds inspiration from working with projects, whether they are construction projects at home or larger national or international projects for clients.


From oil to alginate

Geir Ivar Seime (44) focuses on creating value in the projects that he works on. That has always been the most important aspect, whether he has worked for Statoil, Shell or in the position that he now has as Security Manager for projects in FMC/Dupont Nutrition & Health.


Ready for the Cycle to work campaign 2018

Omega consultant, Elizabeth Pettersen is ready for this year's Cycle to work campaign which starts April 23 and continues to June 22. Since she started on assignment for a client in Stavanger city center six years ago, she has biked to work whenever possible.


The Cycle to Work campaign 2018!

You can now register for the Cycle to Work campaign 2018! Register the days you cycle or walk to work and earn Advantage points for your efforts.


Strengthened out of 2017

Omega’s 2017 results show a profitable growth for the Omega Group. Long-term investments and new technology have given results in the oil and construction sectors.


Delivering personnel and software

Department Manager in Ølensvåg, Ståle Håheim has close to 20 years’ experience with delivering personnel and software from Omega. He can clearly see the synergies across Omega’s main services.


Pims365 in use by Statsbygg

In February last year, Statsbygg started taking in use Omega's system for systematic completion on two large pilot projects; Prosjekt Nytt Nasjonalmuseum (PNN) and Campus Aas. The system is now implemented on the projects and new system areas are adapted to the construction sector with Pims365.


Toppgrades on four out of six examinations

Omega-subsidiary, Omega Byggservice is proud of their carpentry apprentices. Since 2010, they have all passed their examinations, and four of of six have received the highest grade, which is higher than the national average.


Omega delivering personnel on Kvitfjell

In November, Norwegian contracting company, Risa started the construction of the largest windmill park in Northern Norway, the Kvitfjell windmill park in Tromsø. With them on the job they have consultants from Omega.


Leading digitization

«Every» company is now digitizing, but for many of them it is difficult to know where to start. «They need more than just knowledge about digitization, they also need someone who can incorporate the process with business improvements and value creation.»


Record growth for Omega Subsea

Last year Omega Subsea sent 40 consultants on assignment, at the same time this year the number is 90. Targeted work to ensure agreements and entering into new agreements in 2016 and 2017 has ensured the activity Omega Subsea is now experiencing.


Omega enters into new Pims contract with Bane NOR

Omega's project management tool, Pims, will be utilized for completion and risk management on Bane NOR projects in 2018.


Whistleblowing in Omega

Blameworthy conditions in the work place should always be notified, and Omega's policy for whistleblowing will ensure proper proceedings and follow-up


Statsbygg strengthening work for a trustworthy construction sector

Statsbygg has entered into a contract with Omega AS. The IT system, HMSREG, will strengthen their work to ensure a more serious construction sector.


Increased activity in Bergen

Omega's Branch Office in Bergen is now experiencing increased activity within the oil and gas sector.


Donating $15 500 to hurricane victims in Houston

Hurricane Harvey left massive destructions in the US, and among the affected places are Houston where Omega has a branch office. Omega is now donating $15 500 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund after running a fundraiser for employees for the past two weeks.


Omega keeps position as second largest Norwegian software company

Omega has been ranked as the second largest software company in Norway again, according to Norwegian Finance Magazine, Kapital, on their list of the hundred biggest organizations in the country.


Holiday houses opening for booking

The cabins and holiday houses in Sirdalen, Hemsedal, Hovden, and on Bømlo now opening for a new season.


Fundraising for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Join Omega in showing your support to those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Omega is starting a fundraiser and is donating a start contribution of $10 000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.


Builds new center of IT expertise

Based on 25 years’ experience from system development of project management systems, Omega takes a new step into the IT industry. Now, Omega is building its own center of IT expertise.


Omega enters into Statoil frame agreement for IT Personnel

The frame agreement takes effect on 1 September. Omega will deliver IT resources for needs not already covered by existing agreements.


Sykehusbygg and Veidekke are testing new tools in the struggle for a more serious construction industry

On behalf of Sykehusbygg HF, Veidekke Entreprenør is well underway with the construction of a new psychiatry building for Helse Nord-Trøndelag, Levanger Hospital. Sykehusbygg and Veidekke will in this project try out a new tool to ensure good follow-up of all suppliers in the project.


The new Omega building

The construction work started at Omega's headquarters in Ølensvåg in February. The three-storey building is set to be completed by Christmas. Take a look at the building process.


Omega to deliver solutions to Maersk Oil’s Culzean project

Omega has entered into agreements with Maersk Oil North Sea UK Ltd for the delivery of specialists and systems for hookup and commissioning on the platforms for the Culzean project. Omega will contribute expertise within preparation, planning and commissioning of the hookup phase.


Omega reaches 1000 employees

Omega has increased its number of employees with more than 120 during the past months. This week, we reached the 1000 employee milestone again. After some challenging years, things are looking brighter for the activity within the consultant and software business.


Securing against cyber attacks

Omega was not affected by the recent international cyber attack, WannaCry, due to preventative measures that were put in place for IT security. Department Manager for Omega’s IT and Infrastructure Department, Jan Christian Brataas, encourages users to take simple, precautionary measures to protect their machine from potential future attacks.


The construction industry chooses Omega system

Omega’s HMSREG system can become an important tool for assuring seriousness in the construction sector, says Skanska, AF Gruppen and Veidekke. All three companies are now testing the system for use on their construction projects in Norway.


Cycle to Work campaign 2017!

You can now register for the Cycle to Work campaign 2017! Register the days you cycle or walk to work and earn Advantage points for your efforts.


OMV planning for Wisting with Pims Software

OMV Norway has started to plan for the Wisting field, in the Barents Sea, which may host the company’s first development project as an operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Omega’s Pims Software has already been utilized as a project management system in the planning phase, in order to ensure preparedness for the wider project.


Omega gets prolonged agreement with Wintershall

Omega as will deliver consultancy services to Wintershall’s projects in Norway after a prolonged frame agreement.


New Omega building for Christmas

In a few weeks, construction work will start at Omega headquarters in Ølensvåg, where a new, three-storey building will be erected in time for Christmas.


Together for Selma

In February, Oslo Municipality held a seminar where they presented their new digital tool delivered by Omega to combat work-related crime and social dumping. Read about how the tool is already showing results.


Sykehusbygg goes for Omega’s Pims system

Omega takes a new step into the public sector and is awarded a frame agreement with Sykehusbygg. The project management tool, Pims, is now being adapted to use on building projects in the healthcare sector across the country.


Statsbygg digitize with tools from Omega

As Omega enters the construction sector, the construction sector is looking into digitization. During 2017, Statsbygg will utilize digital tools from Omega on two of their largest construction projects.


Statsbygg introduces new digital tool

Statsbygg are using a new digital tool for systematic completion. This will make the everyday work of entrepreneurs and Construction Managers easier.


Omega assessing welfare technology in the Haugaland region

IT Architects from Omega are assessing healthcare systems to strengthen the services within welfare technology. The company recently signed a contract with Haugaland Vekst IKS.


Systematic completion and object-based follow-up

Omega AS and Pims Completion Management System (CMS) on print in Sikkerhetsmagasinet 2 2016. Read about how the software reduces project costs and increases efficiency for follow-up of nonconformities on Jernbaneverkets' railway project, The Follo Line project.


Aker BP awards new frame agreement to Omega

Omega will provide consultancy services to Aker BP ASA’s projects, for the next three years.


New contracts and co-workers in Omega Areal

Omega Areal signed several, new frame agreements and hired four new employees this fall; the biggest contract was signed with AF Group that won the contract for the building of the new home-care facility in Etne.


Omega ranked second largest software company in Norway

Omega has been ranked as the second largest software company in Norway, according to Norwegian Finance Magazine, Kapital, and its list of the hundred biggest organizations in the country.


Omega Alliance to provide consultants to AS Norske Shell

The alliance will provide consultancy services within technical and project-management disciplines for the next three years.


Developing system to prevent work-related crime for Oslo municipality

Omega has offered its services to the public sector and is now developing a system to prevent work-related crime and social dumping for Oslo municipality.


Omega awarded frame agreement with Technip Norge AS

Omega will provide consultant services to Technip Norge AS for the next two years.


Ready for Pims User Conference in September

Omega’s Norwegian Pims User Conference will take place in Stavanger, Norway, this fall.


Supplying personnel to Hydro’s pilot project on Karmøy

Omega will deliver personnel to the Karmøy Pilot – Hydro’s full scale pilot facility for energy and climate efficient aluminum production. The investments on the Karmøy pilot is one of the largest investments in onshore projects outside the oil and gas sector in a decade.


Assisting Haugaland Kraft with IT strategy

Omega IT Architects will assist Haugaland Kraft in developing the company's new IT strategy. Haugaland Kraft has been through, and is undergoing, big changes. The new IT strategy will help to draw attention to everything that must be done by specifying objectives and presenting a plan to achieve them.