Canteen reopens in Ølensvåg

Team members in Ølensvåg, hungry for a taste of the lunch life they were used to before COVID-19, lined up patiently at a safe social distance when the canteen opened again this week. 

Canteen employees, Randi Krakk (l) and Randi Dalen, are ready to serve lunch in the canteen at Omega HQ, adhering to the sanitary measures that are required at this time.

The canteen at Omega HQ in Ølensvåg, Norway, is back in business, having adapted its service to suit the needs of the current Corona situation.

Canteen employees, Randi Dalen and Randi Krakk, are on hand to serve lunch to hungry Omega team members who wait patiently in line at a safe distance from one another, as indicated by the tape on the canteen floor.

“We have a simple selection of sandwich bread, bread rolls, a selection of meats, as well as salads. There is also sliced fruit, and, of course, coffee, tea and other refreshments on offer,” says canteen employee, Randi Krakk.

“Instead of helping themselves, as they normally would, we are responsible for serving everyone the ingredients they wish on their plates. This ensures that we have complete control over the sanitary measures that are required at this time,” adds Randi Dalen.

To ensure that the canteen does not become crowded, all departments have been delegated a designated time to eat lunch. Instead of eating in the canteen, as the team normally would, everyone eats at their desks, or in common areas where there is more than enough social distance.

The reopening of the canteen is just one of the ways that Omega is adapting to health regulations to ensure a workday that is as normal as possible for our team. Already, over 70 of our 120 team members in Ølensvåg are back at the office.

For canteen staff, the reopening of the canteen means the opportunity to contribute again. For the team at Omega HQ, the fact that there is lunch on offer represents a significant step towards a more recognizable workday.

“Slowly but surely we are reinstating many of the parts of our workday that we have missed,” explains Corporate HSEQ Manager, Karina Hovden Stava.

“Access to a good lunch with colleagues is important in terms of health and wellbeing, but also socially. We see that this measure is making a positive difference for our team already.”

While we know restrictions vary from country to country, we look forward to hearing how our Omega teams around the world are adapting their work environments to make room for returning employees. Keep us up to date! Send your tips to