Developing project portfolio system

Omega is developing a project portfolio reporting system for OMV, which will provide a better overview and control over different projects. The development project, CaPDat, also gives new employees in Omega exciting challenges. 

The project team at OMV and at Omega.Together they develop the system CaPDat, that will gather project information and provide real-time overview. From the left Wolfgang Hirsch, Lisa Maria Ebner, Doris Kittenberger, Maria Pertl, project owner Jan Christian Brataas, Faisal Ilyas , Per-Niklas Longberg, project manager Bjørg Fredriksen, Florian Schmidt, Petter Emil Anderssen. 

Project owner Jan Christian Brataas in Omega is happy with the startup and the development of the project for the Austrian oil and gas company OMV, and explains that the first release out of five of the solution will go live in the beginning of May. In this project new employees also get to try their hand at challenging tasks. 

«To enable our new employees to build a solid competency we have to give them opportunities and challenges, and we have therefore chosen to bring two newly graduated developers together with a senior project manager and developer. It is a lot to immerse one self in as a recent graduate, and there is a big value in bringing them in on projects where they also get responsibility,» says Brataas, and emphasizes that they use Omega's own framework, Appframe, to develop OMV's vision; «One-Stop-Shop for projects to improve project governance and provide the only truth about projects within 30 seconds».

Project costs, performance, production, milestone reports and dashboard are some of the areas that will be developed first. The areas of project progress, KPI, portfolio, HSE and resource planning will come in phase two. 

Omega's project team will work from Omega's main office in Ølensvåg and OMV's main office in Vienna, and will be close to the users in the end-phase of the project and when launching a new version of the system. 

Tailored system

Bjørg Fredriksen is project manager and senior developer in the CaPDat project, and is closely following up on the project and development in the team.  

«This is a really exciting project where we get to import information from many different systems. The goal is to develop a system that keeps track and gives real-time overview on all the different projects in OMV.» 

Take a closer look at the system structure and interface here (demo screenshots). Click for larger image.

In addtition to Fredriksen, the team consists of the two new, skilled system developers, Per-Niklas Longberg and Petter Emil Anderssen.

«I get to be a part of the development of the system both front and back end. The project is very exciting and I appreciate the chance to get to work on a large project like this, and at the same time get to challenge myself,» says Per-Niklas Longberg who recently completed a masters thesis within information science at the University in Bergen. 

«In this project I get experience with general system development on all levels, and build experience on how we can translate the client's vision into a system,» says Longberg.

«It is a great opportunity to learn both standard technologies and explore technologies like Power BI.»

Petter Emil Anderssen has a background within cognitive science from the University in Bergen. 

«I think its both fascinating and fun to be a part of developing a project from the start, and I also get to acquire valuable experience on how Omega works together with external clients. It's great to be a part of an organized team working towards the same goal,» he says. 

Different strengths and qualities 

«We are a good team and to achieve results it is important with a good mix of people who have different strengths and qualities,» says project manager Bjørg Fredriksen, who has many years' experience as system developer in Omega. 

«The development in itself is exciting, but it is always great to meet clients and together find the solutions that cover their needs,» she explains.