New building assignment in Harstad for Omega Areal

Harstad municipality is in the process of building a modern office building, which will include parking, in the downtown Harstad. Omega Areal is responsible for consulting within engineering construction on the project.

Hvedingkvartalet, which is located in the center of Harstad, is set to become a new 10-story building. The building will include parking spaces and offices, in addition to apartments on the upper floors. The parking spaces and office areas will be completed first. When the new building is in place, Harstad municipality will have secured parking spaces that are close to shopping, business, city life, and cultural points of interest. PDS Arkitekt is responsible for all of the design and construction safety on the project and has hired Omega Areal as a consultant firm within construction engineering. It is planned that the building will be completed in the third quarter of 2021.

“Working on a 10-storey building is challenging; it is a chance for us to stretch our skills and uitilize our expertise,” says Kari Kalstveit, who is the Assignment Manager for Omega Areal on the project. She points out that Omega Areal visited Harstad early in the process in order to get to know the area.

“One of the biggest challenges for this project is the need to take into account the surroundings, including the buildings and other important infrastructure. It was important to understand which elements were to be demolished and which would remain. We also have to drill in close proximity to existing buildings, which is also a demanding task,” says Kalstveit.

About Omega Areal

Omega Areal now has close to 50 employees. From their offices in Ølensvåg, Stord, Frakkagjerd and Bergen, Omega Areal provides a wide range of services, including analyzing, planning, engineering and follow-up throughout the construction process. Omega Areal offers services to both public and private clients and has in recent years secured contracts with the majority of the municipalities in the Sunnhordland and Haugaland region, in addition to holding major roles in projects such as the construction of a new care center in Etne, the new Aksen in Husnes, and a new swimming facility on Bømlo. 

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