Increase in data attacks

The corona virus has major consequences for several parts of the business community, including a large increase in the use of home office and video conferencing. Unfortunately, the situation is also being exploited by hackers and several "corona-related" cyber-attacks are now underway. The attacks include emails, where the hackers can attempt to trick the recipient into releasing sensitive information by pretending to be from the government or WHO. The emails also contain infected attachments or malicious links.


  • Show extra vigilance when opening emails regarding corona. Be aware of who the sender is and the attachments and links in the email.
  • Use two-step authentication for login on both in work and in private. 
  • If you work from home make sure you have the latest security updates installed and that antivirus is up to date.
  • Use interaction platforms that offer a "reasonable level of security". Omega's interaction platform is Microsoft Team. Optionally use web meetings via our customer interaction platform. It is not recommended to use new types of interaction platforms that are not approved by Omega or the customer.