Omega Areal acquires architectural firm in Bergen

Omega Areal acquires Bergen Arkitektkontor and strengthens its presence in the Bergen region.

Omega Areal welcome nine new employees to their team. From left to right: Gisle Heggebø, Milena Górska, Ignethe Caroline Aaby, Carl Thomas Egenæs, Susann Klubben, Jens Petter Pedersen, Eirin Victoria Myklebust, Joakim Kyrre Myklebust, Marta Minta, and Christian Vevatne. 

Omega Areal recently acquired the architectural firm, Bergen Arkitektkontor. The business joined Omega Areal on August 15 and will help to strengthen the company’s network, presence in the region, and range of services within architecture and construction.

“We have wanted to expand our geographical reach for some time now and seized the opportunity when we met Bergen Arkitektkontor. We are now equipped with new, skilled employees and can expand our focus area,” says General Manager of Omega Areal, Gisle Heggebø.

Bergen Arkitektkontor was established in 2015 and today has nine employees and offices in Frydenbølien in Bergen and in Os. The offices will be continued under Omega Areal, and the office in Os will be staffed as required. The architectural firm has previously worked on construction projects for both commercial and private clients in the region and has expertise within architecture and construction. Omega Areal’s newest employees will now gain access to a larger professional environment and more varied projects.

“We are looking forward to being part of a larger network of colleagues and joining a business environment with broad expertise. This will allow us to offer existing and new customers with a larger range of services,” says Joakim Kyrre Myklebyst, who is a civil architect at Bergen Arkitektkontor.

Omega Areal now has close to 50 employees, including the staff from Bergen Arkitektkontor. From their offices in Ølensvåg, Stord, Frakkagjerd and Bergen, Omega Areal provides a wide range of services, including analyzing, planning, engineering and follow-up throughout the construction process. Omega Areal offers services to both public and private clients and has in recent years secured contracts with the majority of the municipalities in the Sunnhordland and Haugaland region, in addition to holding major roles in projects such as the construction of a new care center in Etne, the new Aksen in Husnes, and a new swimming facility on Bømlo.