Our emergency support insurance with the Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirken)

Our emergency support insurance with the Norwegian Church Abroad Did you know you have an extra "support" insurance in Omega? If an accident should happen or you fall ill when traveling abroad, the Norwegian Church Abroad can help with areas that a regular insurance does not cover; support, follow-up and a compassionate partner to talk to.

Published: 29.10.2015

For the third year in a row, Omega has renewed their agreement with the Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirken) surrounding emergency support.  - It is important for us to know that we have someone who can be there for our people when we are unable to be there ourselves, says Siv Iren Børve (to the left) from Omega's emergency support team, seen here together with Project Manager in the Norwegian Church Abroad, Martin Alvsvåg, HSEQ Manager Karina Hovden Stava, and International Business Coordinator, Olav Ingvaldsen. 

As an employee with Omega you are automatically insured on both work related and private trips. In cooperation with the Norwegian Church Abroad, Omega gives you an insurance to cover the needs that may appear when something happens to you while traveling abroad.

 - It is important for us to take care of our employees in every situation. If something were to happen, either you travel for work or leisure, it can be extra difficult when you are abroad facing a foreign language and different culture. Omega has employees on assignment worldwide and our managers will not always have the opportunity to ensure support immediately. The Norwegian Church Abroad is therefore ready to assist our people in these situations, says HSEQ Manager in Omega, Karina Hovden Stava. 

Support in a time of crisis

For the past three years, Omega has had an agreement with the Norwegian Church Abroad surrounding emergency procedures including a range of supportive services both directly to the one affected, for next of kin and for Omega as an employer. The Norwegian Church Abroad's members knows the local culture, language and the conditions in the country and can therefore be an important partner in a crisis, and will be able to contribute with their unique services. 

 - Our competency is rooted in knowing the local area, in supportive services, counselling and personal follow-ups. We will be there to talk with the affected and take the role as a supportive and compassionate helping figure, says Martin Alvsvåg, Project Manager for the Norwegian Church Abroad's business. The Church can also contribute with hospital visits, help with recovery, and take care of next of kin, and can be someone to call after a difficult incident.

The emergency plan agreement also includes support for crisis management in psychosociological guidance, a 24 hour emergency phone, facilitation of memorials and vigils, counselling when creating emergency plans, and help in relation to next of kin and emergency calls. 

Omega is one of 228 companies in Norway who have an emergency plan agreement with the Norwegian Church Abroad. The Norwegian Church Abroad has today, churches in more than 30 countries across the world, in addition to ministers who travel and cover an addition of 50 countries. 

An app for local emergency numbers 

The Norwegian Church Abroad has launched its own app, "Nødnummer" (emergency numbers), which gathers all information needed if you should be in an accident or fall ill. The app gives access to all local emergency numbers regardless of country, contact numbers to next of kin, employer, phone numbers for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD-OPS), the numbers for cancelling your credit and debit cards, and the number to the nearest Norwegian Church Abroad. The app also provides all necessary information surrounding the individual's insurance company, including alarm numbers. 

If you allow the app to use the GPS function, you will easily be able the see your location coordinates. This can be a crucial asset if you for example go hiking in the mountains and find yourself in need of an ambulance helicopter. 

- We encourage all our employees to download the app, and use this as a convenient tool when travelling, says Stava.