Action plan for detected cases of Covid-19

Employees working at Omega's offices (Norway)

Information regarding whether or not someone has contracted Covid-19 is considered personal health information; Omega is not in a position to pass on this information (it is in fact illegal). 

With this in mind, what is our course of action when an employee contracts Covid-19?


  •  Although it is the task of the official health services, we encourage the employee to inform their close contacts in Omega as soon as possible.
  • As with all types of illness, the employee must notify their manager/the client of their absence.

Health services:

  •  Initiate tracking of the infection source and contact close contacts.


  • Clarifies the internal notification process with the employee.
  • Informs the relevant office location without identifying the employee.
  • Orders the disinfection and cleaning of the relevant location.
  • Follows up the employee.

Close contacts:

  • Are contacted by the health services.
  • Are required to stay at home (quarantined) for 10 days.