Information about Office 365

We want to make you aware that our last change to increase security with turning on two-factor authentication on your Omega account for Office365 had some unpredicted consequences.

Some users have experienced that the mail application on Android and Apple stopped working after the change.

If you have experienced that your mail application on Android or Apple mobile device is not working, either sending or receiving emails.

  1. Remove the mail account from your mobile phone
  2. Add new mail account and choose “Exchange” and follow the process of adding new account
  3. This will trigger the two-factor authentication and fix the issue.

In case removing and re-adding your account does not work, please contact us or download “Microsoft Outlook” for Android or iOS and follow the process of adding account in this application.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and in case you still have issues do not hesitate contacting us on