Programming all summer

This summer eleven summer interns are working in Omega’s systems department in Ølensvåg. Here they get to try their hand on different tasks related to the project support tool, Pims 365.

The summer intern team. On the left, from the front: Bjarte Lønning Haaland, Ole-Jørgen Espeland, Aleksander Vae Haaland. On the right, from the back:  Lars Brekkå, Toralf Tokheim, Tor Helleland.

"It’s fun, relevant and challenging to work here this summer. We learn a lot, even though we have some experience from our studies, there are many new things to learn,” says Lars Brekkå, who will start his third and final year on his bachelor degree within data engineering at Oslo Met this fall.

Brekkå sits together with a group of other summer interns that all work on different tasks in Omega’s newest project support tool, Pims 365 and sub-project Connect 365 which is a tool to meet the digital needs of charitable organizations.

Learning to code. Kristoffer Vae Haaland (left) and Geirmund Haaland is learning HTML and CSS coding this summer. 

"We get to learn app development, and work with what the applications look like, functionality, updates, and database systems,” explains Tor Helleland who will complete his masters thesis within bioinformatics at the University in Bergen this coming year. Even though his studies are not strictly in the area of programming and IT, he has built experience in the area through interest and courses.

Toralf Tokheim, Aleksander Vae Haaland, Ole-Jørgen Espeland, Bjarte Lønning Haaland, Kristoffer Vae Haaland and Geirmund Haaland also make up the team of summer interns that solve the tasks coming from Omega’s system developers.

"We work with different tasks from the developer; it can be anything from client wishes and input from users to fixing bugs,” says Tokheim.

"Sildikon Valley"

Omega is a part of the local pilot project “Sildikon Valley” together with 10 other companies in the region. The participants in the project invite IT students to summer internships. The name Sildikon Valley is spinoff of the American Silicon Valley; “sild” is the fish art herring, a staple production good from the region. In Omega, Markus Bratland Kvammen and Alexander Johan Arntzen, both students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, are summer interns through the project.

"It is a lot of fun being here. We got exciting tasks when we started and have had the opportunity to try app development,” explains Markus.

Through the summer their tasks are to look into the development of a meet up app with QR code and a course module for the system Connect 365.

Summer interns via the "Sildikon Valley" project. Markus Bratland Kvammen (in the front) and Alexander Johan Arntsen are spending the summer in Omega's systems department in Ølensvåg. 

"The project we are working on will be taken in use, and it did not take long from we started here until we got real tasks,” says Alexander.

Via Sildikon Valley, they also meet the other summer interns and companies participating in the project this summer.

"We are on weekly meetups in the region. We have been to Torvastad to play minigolf, to the island Røvær for dinner and rib boat trip, and kick-off at Aibel,” says Markus.